Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asia : A rising entertainer

When we talk about films we head towards Hollywood. Avatar and Titanic, Harry Potter and Twilight. That's all we can think of. Hot actors, millions of production value and mind blowing box office collection makes them a prime choice for movies.
Times are changing.Asian movies by Asian directors are being  favorite  among Hollywood die hards.Only Chinese are not Asians and we have more than what Bollywood has to offer.Some movies by Asian directors have made it to big places.Slowly but surely Asia is becoming a prime choice for movies among movie addicts.

Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998)
Akira Kurosawa
Japanese film director, editor , writer, producer gave a different taste to movies that were dominating Hollywood.Rashomon (1950) was his first real breakthrough in movies. After that he became known in movies world as a competent director.His fame was more flourished by movies like Yojimbo (1961),Ran (1985), Ikiru (1952) and my personal favorite Seven Samurai (1954).His films are frequently copied and remade by American and European filmmakers.Yojimbo a.k.a A Fist Full of Dollars, though uncredited i would say don't bother watching both.Even Star Wars was a concept taken from his movie The Hidden Fortress.Awarded the French Legion of Honor, 1984. Awarded the Kyoto Prize, 1994. So Hollywood has much to learn from Asian directors.
A scene from Seven Samurai

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